Savvy Nannies’ Mission is to Improve Quality of Life for All New Families

Overnight Care

We Stay Awake

Our nannies sleep during the day, so they will be awake the whole time they are working. This allows them to identify exactly what causes your baby to wake up.

Light Housekeeping

We Save You Time

We will do the dishes and pick up. This way when you wake up, you can spend more time with your baby, and less time cleaning.

Nighttime Noise Management

You Get More Sleep

Having a newborn in your house can be exhausting. We work hard to manage the noise level, so you can get your rest.

Manage Nighttime Routine

We Set Your Routine

Babies need structure and consistency. We will help you set up a routine that is best for you and your baby.

Ongoing Sleep Training

We Stay By Your Side

When you are ready to be on your own, just remember that we are always here. When you hire our agency, you not only hire a nanny, you become family.

Improve Your Quality of Life

We Reduce Your Stress

Bringing a new baby home can be quite stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Our nannies will help you get your life to a state of “New Normal.”
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What Makes Our Agency Unique?

Our agency is all about the ease of mind. From the first moment that you meet with us, to the time that we spend with your new family, all we want you to experience is… “WOW!”. All of our nannies are Certified Newborn Care Specialists who are personally trained, background checked, and CPR certified. This allows us to make sure that our quality and professionalism is the very best in the industry.

Our nannies sleep during the day and do not sleep while working for you, which allows us to see what exactly is causing the baby to wake up. We address the specific situation, and we don’t have to “let the baby cry it out”.

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